What’s bugging you?

BUG THERAPY is a short animated comedy film about group therapy.

The group consists of nine funny characters, each with their own mental health issue. The group is run by a Pill Bug therapist named Dr. Pill


Meghan Trainor


Jay Leno


Dr Phil McGraw

Dr. Pill

Sterling K. Brown

Stick Bug

Tom Green


Everyone struggles with something and there’s no shame in asking for help.

This group of misfits have found connection with each other, by sharing what’s bugging them. From fainting at the sight of blood to coffee addiction to depression, anxiety, OCD, codependency and delusions of grandeur, these bugs have struggles. But, they also have each other.

“Your film is literally our mission statement! To fight the stigma, and to change the conversation about mental health. This could help SO many people.”

Jessica Cruz, NAMI-CA CEO

“These are bugs we all should welcome into our lives. How amazing to watch an animated world of bugs bring the issue of mental health front and center, and get rid of stigma!”


Executive Director, NAMI Colorado

“It is SO important for children with disabilities to see themselves reflected in the media. This film shows them they’re not alone.”


Author of the Americans with Disabilities Act & former Chairman of the Epilepsy Foundation

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