Meet Citronella Stories

Michael Jann & Michele Jourdan established Citronella Stories to create a series of funny, entertaining animated shorts with flawed heroes (Bugs) who struggle with mental-health issues, and overcome personal challenges. We believe these characters and stories will enable kids – and adults – to talk about their own mental-health issues.

We want to create a community where it is safe to be you – flaws and all – and know that you’re okay even if you’re not okay. We’re all here to support each other.

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It’s okay to not be okay!

Citronella Stories created the BUG THERAPY 9-minute short film as a sizzle reel for a feature film or series. The short film is not the whole story – it’s only the beginning. Citronella will journey from shame and embarrassment to connection, and happiness and (spoiler alert) love!

We believe humor has a magical ability to start conversations that might not otherwise happen. And, that’s important. Because you can’t fix a problem, if you can’t talk about it.

Our Mission

is to fight the stigma of mental illness with humor, and entertainment, to get kids – and adults – talking about mental health.

Our Values

are self-awareness, courage, and authenticity: It’s okay to not be okay. Vulnerability: It’s ok to talk about your issues. Humor: It’s ok to laugh at yourself. Supportiveness and respect: You are not alone. And, gratitude: Help is available.

Join the Fight!

Every dollar helps us fight the stigma, and get people talking about what’s bugging them.

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