The Makers of Bug Therapy play Drawful 2! With the fans!

Co-creators of Bug Therapy, Mike Jann and Michele Jourdan, along with the short film’s storyboard artist, Haley Hustus, are going live on YouTube this Saturday (June 10th) at 7PM CST to play Jackbox’s Drawful 2. And the fans are invited!

Drawful 2 is an online drawing party game that allows up to 8 players per game. Mike, Michele, and Haley take up three of those spots, but they wanted to open it up to play with fans of the short. So they did! Fans of the short and members of the Bug Therapy community on Instagram have the opportunity to enter to play with them. 

For those who are not interested in playing, or aren’t selected to play, all are welcome to watch the livestream. In fact, anyone can join the audience of the game through Jackbox and have some interactivity with the gameplay! 

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