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Michael Jann | TEDxUCLA Two decades of writing the Tonight Show monolog for Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon gave Michael a fighting chance to cope – and help those around him cope – with the experience of his son’s mental breakdown. No topic can ever be off-limits when it comes to humor. It’s what connects … Read more

Bug Therapy, Mental Health and Joy

Listen in on some wonderful insight about BUG THERAPY, mental health, and JOY. Michael and Michele share where their idea for BUG THERAPY came from and the personal connection they have to it.  They want to share with others that it is ok with whatever is going on in one’s life and it’s ok to … Read more

The Makers of Bug Therapy play Drawful 2! With the fans!

Co-creators of Bug Therapy, Mike Jann and Michele Jourdan, along with the short film’s storyboard artist, Haley Hustus, are going live on YouTube this Saturday (June 10th) at 7PM CST to play Jackbox’s Drawful 2. And the fans are invited! Drawful 2 is an online drawing party game that allows up to 8 players per game. Mike, Michele, and … Read more

PhillyVoice Dives into Bug Therapy’s Story

Every story has a backstory. We sat down with Michael Tanenbaum of the PhillyVoice and shared our deeply-personal story behind the making of BUG THERAPY. It started with a 3 AM Facetime call from our son – the call no parent wants to get…

Bug Therapy Movie Inspires Mental Health Counseling

We sat down with Ward Bond from The Ward Bond Show and talked about BUG THERAPY, mental health, and why this film is so important to us. The conversation got so good, it nudged all of us, including Ward, into revealing why we all needed therapy… and how it helped us!

Watch BUG THERAPY on YouTube for free!

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month (May), we released BUG THERAPY on YouTube for free, for the entire month! A half a MILLION views later, it’s clear: When you’re brave enough to share your truth, even if it’s weird, even if you’re afraid you’re going to be laughed at, that’s when you find true … Read more

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